Student participated in band, chorus, and drama during their school career. Students displays outstanding character, dedication to the arts, and dedication to SFHS as a whole. Bonnie was a caring, giving, and artistic young lady who impacted all 3 of the performing arts in her 4 years at SFHS, leaving a legacy behind that will never be forgotten. The student we are looking for must demonstrate a caring character, love of the arts, a dedication of time and creativity to the performing arts, and a heart to serve. Character is the main criteria when applying for the Bonnie Gustafson Scholarship, in honor of the wonderful character that she displayed.

AWARDS: Minimum of $500

DEADLINE: December 3

APPLY TO: Student must PICK UP a special application from their performing arts teacher. NO APPLICANTS WILL BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT THIS APPLICATION. This application is only available through the band, chorus, or drama teacher.

REGION: Only for South Fork High School

Contact: n/a