We are Listening and Learning Together

Community Foundations have a rich history of community leadership: their work has long-centered on raising awareness and fostering community dialogue, identifying and engaging donors, and helping to set the agenda for community stability and well-being. Through this leadership, we are asking our community to join us in the learning and discussion around racial disparities and social equity issues.

Addressing Race Equity

There is growing recognition in Palm Beach County of the importance of exposure through specific workshops as they provide foundational knowledge and shared experience to move forward in common purpose. The trainings are outlined below as well as several organizing efforts.

Trainings & Workshops Palm Beach County Organizing

Get in Touch & Get Involved!

For consultations, technical assistance, and inquiries, the following groups and local experts can guide individuals and organizations on ways to address race equity.

Barbara Cheives
REI trainer, co-facilitator for OAR:

Marsha Guthrie
contact for Birth to 22:

James Green
contact for GARE membership:

Lauren Zuchman
co-facilitator for OAR:

Sharing Your Views

Books, Podcasts, & Resources for All Ages!

Did you know babies notice differences like skin color, eye shape and hair texture? Below are resources to help you address conversations about race, racism, diversity and inclusion, even with very young children.

Advancing Racial Equity & Equality

Initiating an open and unfiltered dialogue about racism can be challenging, and we want to help. We are compiling Community Foundation articles and outside resources to help start discussions. We are listening and learning together.

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