The Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of trusted individuals providing the Community Foundation with leadership and guidance as we look for the best ways to serve clients and the community.

PAC Ambassador Program

The PAC Ambassador Program is a newly launched initiative at the Foundation to connect up-and-coming professional advisors to our network while building diversity and sustainability throughout our PAC. Interested in joining our Ambassador Program? Reach out to Abby Axelrod-Wunderman to learn more.

Our Council Members

  • James A. Ballerano Jr.
  • Jeffrey Baskies
  • Bill Burnett
  • Tasha K. Dickinson
  • Rebecca G. Doane
  • Robert B. Dunkin II
  • Richard M. Flah
  • David A. Gart
  • Lindsey Gerlock
  • Joshua Goldglantz
  • Stacey Hallberg
  • April Hicks
  • Marjorie A. Horwin
  • Elaine A. Humphreys
  • Seth Kaplan
  • Sasha A. Klein
  • Lawrence S. Klitzman
  • John Lacy
  • Thomas L. Marcacci
  • Gina Nelson
  • Rani Newman Mathura
  • Holly M. O'Neill
  • R. Brady Osborne Jr.
  • Adi Rappoport
  • Rick Reissman
  • Joseph Robinson
  • Tandy L. Robinson
  • Lisa A. Schneider
  • Mark J. Seski
  • Edward F. Smith III
  • James Tisdale
  • Christine Vergari
  • Matthew Wahler

Our 2nd cohort for the Ambassador Program will begin in Fall 2021.